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Las Niñas Fastpitch Baja Softball League  Forms

Fall /Spring Registration Forms

Note: Registration is NOT COMPLETE and space not reserved until payment and birth certificate are received with completed forms. Please see home page for registration dates and times.


Las Niñas League Boundaries

Las Niñas Background Check

Las Niñas Volunteer Form


Baja Policies and Procedures

The 2018 Policies and Procedures document has been posted.


Baja Parent Code of Conduct form

A parent/guardian of each player MUST turn this into their team manager before first game. Thanks!

Fundraising Forms


Bollinger Medical/Dental Accident Claim Form

1) Fill out the claim form completely. IF the player is uninsured, if her parents are employed, they will need a letter of verification of employment with no medical benefits from their employer. That will need to be included with the claim or it will not be processed. They do not need to wait for the bills to be received to file the claim.

2) Once done completing the forms, return them to our Safety Director - Jackie Pereda (#256-2665 or The Safety Director will sign off of it and send it to the commissioner who is responsible for submitting it to Bollinger.

3) Once the claim is submitted to Bollinger, it takes about 48 hours for it to be processed and the player to be covered by the insurance. Bollinger will mail out a letter of coverage. At that point, the players parents will need to call any facility who treated their daughter and provide them with the Bollinger Insurance information to have bills submitted directly to Bollinger. If coverage is not established before the facility sends a bill to the parents, the parents will have to submit the bills to Bollinger directly after coverage is established.

4) Deductible: There is a $250 deductible that is the responsibility of the parent. The deductible is applied to the first bill received by Bollinger. This means Bollinger will pay the bill less the $250 deductible that the parents are responsible for.

5) Prescriptions: Once the player is covered the pharmacy can bill Bollinger directly. I understand with the delay that their will be prescriptions needed prior to being covered by Bollinger. They will need to be paid out of pocket and keep the receipts to submit to Bollinger after coverage is established for reimbursement.

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